Installing ODK Collect on Android devices

Installing applications such as ODK Collect on to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets is a straightforward process. This tutorial describes how to install applications onto Android-powered devices using the Google Play Store. Specifically, this tutorial shows how to install ODK Collect from the Google Play Store on to your mobile device.

This tutorial is aimed at IT administrators and/or survey managers or coordinators who are tasked to setup the mobile devices in preparation for data collection.

This tutorial assumes that:

  • You have internet connection;
  • You have a Google account; and,
  • You have access to the Google Play Store.

1. Open Google Play Store

2. Search for ODK Collect

3. Tap on ODK Collect

4. Install ODK Collect

Tap on ‘Install’ to start installation of ODK collect.

Give permissions to ODK Collect to access your information and other related applications in your device to proceed with installation.

5. Wait while ODK Collect installs

6. Open ODK Collect

You know ODK Collect has been successfully installed when you see the ‘Open’ button.

Tap on ‘Open’ button to start ODK Collect.

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed ODK Collect on your Android-powered device.